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Clean Water Projects
Clean Water Living Waters for the World is a Christian ministry that provides sustainable clean water, fostering long term and mutually beneficial relationships between volunteers and communities in need. To that end, Clean Water University, a Living Waters program, offers formal training on how to evaluate a site for a potential clean water system installation, how to train residents on the importance of how and when to use clean water, and how to install a system. WPC members Erik Graham, John Turner, and Karen and Eric Reidenbach are trained in each of the areas and are primed and ready to reach out. Putting their training into action, the Reidenbachs and members of other Mississippi PCUSA churches recently returned from a working trip to El Salvador, identified as the most water-stressed country in Central America. The trip had two purposes, they said. They visited five sites that currently have a clean water system and helped with replacing parts and cleaning of the systems. They then visited three communities in need of clean water. Each of the three potential sites has interim work to do before a final determination can be made on whether or not to install a system. Conversations among leaders in those communities, the LWW in-country coordinator and representatives from one of the MS churches are ongoing. They hope that through fundraising events and other donations the Mississippi Team can travel back to El Salvador to install a system in each of these communities at some point in the near future. We believe that the systems are a gift from God and we seek His guidance for moving forward. To learn more about this important project, please contact one of our Clean Water University “graduates.”