Share Care Ministry to Caregivers
ShareCare has called Westminster home since its founding in 2001. It began with a three-year grant written by Stella Fair and administered by the USM Institute for Disabilities Studies. At the conclusion of the grant period, Westminster chose to adopt the ministry, committing both financial and administrative support. ShareCare was established to assist people with disabilities, individuals with long-term care requirements, their family members, and caregivers. On the first Thursday of each month, the group gathers for a potluck luncheon in Montague Hall, providing fellowship for the members. In addition, each member of ShareCare has a time bank account that allows members to earn or spend credits for services. No money changes hands. Rather, one person contributes an hour of service for another member and, in turn, receives an hour added to their own time bank. That hour of credit can be spent on a service offered by any member of the group. The exchange of services can be a lifeline for people who make many personal sacrifices on behalf of their loved ones. Our own Bob Buckner was introduced to ShareCare when he moved to Hattiesburg in 2006. Now he directs the work of this ministry of fellowship and service. 

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